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When should I start planning my move?

That's easy - as soon as you know you are definitely moving. One of our relocation coordinators will quickly assess your particular requirements, cost, timing, etc.

Will you advise us on the easiest, most cost effective way of completing our move?

Yes, we will. With over many years of experience there aren't too many problems we have not met and overcome before. We will provide a free onsite survey and offer you a custom tailored binding quote that will reflect your exact needs and budget. For instance, we can do full packing service or perhaps only pack your breakables and china. You can also opt for a cost saving option and do most of your packing yourself and we would be delighted to provide you with all the necessary packing supplies necessary, it's your choice.

Do you provide climate-controlled Storage?

Yes, both long term and short term.

How can I Pay?

We accept Credit Cards, Certified Checks, Wire Transfer, Money Order & Cash

Will I have dedicated contact?

Yes, you will be assigned your own relocation coordinator who will oversee your move from start to finish.

Is Movage International licensed for International shipping?

Certainly! We are fully licensed by Federal Maritime Commission as a Non-Vessel-Operating Common Carrier (License # 023028N)

Should I buy coverage for my move?

It is strongly recommended that you purchase an insurance policy and you can even have it with a $0 deductible. Movage provides a full line of marine insurance that will meet all of your needs. There are two types of policies: All Risk Coverage and Total Loss.

What is the best way to check company's record and reputation?

Company websites and online reviews are often unreliable sources of information on moving companies. To determine if a specific moving company is legitimate, we recommend checking for the following:

  • Licensed by Federal Maritime Commission for international shipping (Check their license number here: List)

  • Accreditation with the Better Business Bureau

  • Certification by the American Moving & Storage Association

  • Preferably recognized as a ProMover by the AMSA. The ProMover program promotes ethical principles in the moving and storage industry and works with federal and state governments to eliminate unethical moving practices. ProMover clearly separates professional movers from rogue operators posing as legitimate movers. To qualify as a ProMover, movers must pass a rigorous review of professional business standards.

  • All the US based moving companies must be licensed by FMCSA and you can check their safety record here Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Legitimate movers will have the following license numbers: USDOT, NYDOT (if NY based) & ICC MC <

  • Physical location. The lack of any confirmable address is a good sign a moving company is not legitimate.

Is customs clearance included in the quote?

Yes! Normal customs clearance is included, however the following is excluded:

  • Customs duties, taxes and/or potential quarantine.

  • Additional customs inspections, X-ray, examination fees, security screening or related security costs.

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